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Coasters and Drip Mats

An ideal way to keep promotion costs low and still have impact. Also these products are more eco-friendly than nitrile rubber based products.
Bar Accessories

BUREX are also appointed agents for a wide range of bar accessories. If you do not find what you need in our catalogue, we can assist in sourcing what you need.
Drip Trays

BUREX was first to introduce fully 3D printed drip trays. Our unique process allows us to produce stunning products. Best of all we can reprint these products many times.
Bar Runners & Accessories
Bordered Floor Mats

Our bordered mats are one of our most popular products. The superior quality and print image provides high impact with outstanding quality.
Carpet Runners

Whether it's for a corporate event or a wedding, the carpet runner is a superb product for special events. Contact us to deliver your special message.
Printed Flooring

We manufacture all kinds of promotional flooring products, from floor tiles to floor mats. Contact us to discuss the wide variety of sizes and finishes available 
Outdoor Mats

Our outdoor welcome and logo mats are durable and vibrant, plust they meet all the relevent health and safety requirements.
Flooring & Tiles
Bar Runners

We are leaders in Europe for printed bar runners. Email us requesting our 2012 E-Catalogue and see our complete product range. 
Cash Mats

Cash mats can be produced in either a standard finish or as an animated lenticular product.
Need some direction?

If you are not sure exactly what you want just give us a call. We are here to help you.

+353 (0)41 685 1032

Burex manufacture all kinds of printed flooring products. From mats to carpets delivering your message directly to the customer.
Counter Mats

Counter mats are available in a wide range os sizes. They not only protect counter surfaces but also grab customer attention at the till.
Point of Sale

Canvas prints are great for both personal use and corporate reception areas. We offer a complete range of services for producing your custom needs in canvas printing.
Soft Signage

Whether it's the side of a building or the side of your store, we have the right soft signage solution for you.

We supply all kinds of printed banners. Contact our sales team to discuss your needs. If its a flag or a banner or the side of a building we can supply it all.

Sublimation printed flags are low cost and very durable. We are currently looking at stocking a series of standard National and Nautical flags for imediate delivery.
Textile Printing
Desktop Accessories

We offer a wide selection of desktop accessories. We can also source specific items to meet your promotional needs. Just call our sales team. 
Computer Accessories

Burex manufacture a wide range of ergonomic and custom designed mouse pads and wrist rests.
Desktop and Promotional Products
Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are an ideal way to add permanent promotional features or branding in a high quality durable finish.
Glass Tiles

Many Customers order glass for interior design features. The key benefit is that the image is printed on the reverse side of the glass which means it cannot be scratched or worn away.
Car Showroom Mats

We recently launched a new range of printed flooring products for car showrooms. Our higher quality of printing is making real impact in the display of superb new cars.
SALES HOT-LINE  Ireland +353 (0)41 685 1032 
Bathroom Tiles

We now offer custom printed floor and wall tiles. High quality printing now means you can design using your own images.
Contact our Sales Team

Whatever you needs, we are here to help. Send us an email to or call us on:

+353 (0)41 685 1032
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